The images for this banner were acquired through Flickr creative commons: The background The Butterfly The Flower I’m sharing the psd file in case anyone wants to play 🙂 Download the Serendipidity PSD

Tulsa Ballet

…where my daughter spends most of her time.

My First Patch

It’s small, really it is.  But it’s taken me longer than I wanted to figure all this out.  Last night I tested, tried functions, changed settings, tested again.  …tried a few more functions, until I got it! I used svn via command line, I made a diff, I uploaded.  Feeling of accomplishment ensued.  This is…

Foundations of Computer Science

This book has been taken out of print by W. H. Freeman. You are welcome to use it if you like. We believed in 1992 it was the way to introduce theory in Computer Science, and we believe that today. — Al Aho and Jeff Ullman

UI update

Originally posted on BP Dev Updates:
The UI project for BuddyPress has moved on a fair bit over the past few weeks. We now have a final set of wireframes and are moving into development based on those wireframes. This is really great news. So, here are the final wireframes. Streams / entries: Profile: Members…